Happy Birthday Kathy!


My amazing sister, Kathy Beard turns 42 today!    

Easily the biggest inspiration in my life, Kathy has always been my cool older sister that has led the way for her brothers. She is a loving wife, daughter, sister, aunt and mother who always gives all she can for the people she loves.  

Although we live on opposite sides of Australia, she never hesitates to help me whenever I need a hand and a visit to or from her is always the highlight of my year.  

Nobody I know deserves more love and good vibes ever, especially on her birthday.  

Jack and Tom are so lucky to have her as a Mum! Kathy really is so good with them. It restores my faith in all that is good to see her in action.  

Hope you have a great day today! See you tomorrow!  

Happiest of birthdays to you! 

Lots of love, 

Mark and Millie xoxo