1. Liberals support amnesty because they know when illegal aliens become citizens, they will become reliable Democrat Party voters.
  2. Hillary Clinton cannot be trusted to protect America’s national security.
  3. DC lobbyists support open borders because so many corporations and interest groups want an endless supply of cheap labor.
  4. Federal agents should aggressively apprehend and deport all illegal immigrants who are violent criminals.
  5. Cities like San Francisco should be forced to cooperate with federal immigration officials when an illegal alien is arrested for any crime.
  6. With America’s real unemployment rate much higher than the statistics released by the government indicate, we should reduce legal immigration and stop large companies from recruiting low-wage workers to come here from places like India to take American jobs.
  7. ISIS and other forms of radical Islam are a threat to you and our way of life.
  8. Our government is held back by political correctness when it comes to the fight against radical Islamic terrorism.
  9. We should rebuild our military without sending more American troops overseas to police the world and meddle in civil wars.
  10. A new Veterans Affairs leader should fire all the bureaucrats responsible for the disastrous state of the VA and the constant disrespect felt by our veterans.
  11. Crime is rising all over the place and the police are not respected by civilians or some politicians who have power and hold them back from doing their job the way they want to, therefore can’t do their job right.
  12. Do you agree with liberals who say we should give voting rights back to felons who’ve served their time in prison. I definitely disagree.
  13. We should begin attacking the $19.5 trillion national debt by slashing waste, fraud, and abuse.
  14. Instead of giving more welfare to illegal aliens, we should use that money for an American infrastructure upgrade by rebuilding roads, bridges and airports used by our people.
  15. Are you in favor of banning Muslims from entry to the USA if they come from a nation compromised by radical Islamic terrorism? I say we should be very careful who comes in and if they do use extreme vetting.
  16. We should repeal Obamacare .
  17. We should reduce the corporate income tax as a way to keep jobs here in America.
  18. We should re-do bad trade deals that result in companies moving operations to places like China and Mexico.
  19. We should get rid of federal Common Core education standards.
  20. President Trump should get rid of the Iranian nuclear deal, which gave billions of US taxpayer dollars to the Iranian mullahs without even stopping their weapons program long-term.
  21. President Trump will support the 2nd Amendment.
  22. President Trump will appoint more conservatives on the Supreme Court in the mold of the late Justice Antonin Scalia.
  23. President Trump will acknowledge stay at home moms and childcare to lessen the burden on the family by providing tax credits, even if family members contribute in childcare such as a grandmother or aunt, etc. He wants to make it easier for families to make sure the children are taken care of. Afterall, raising a child correctly will make a difference in the child’s and families life.