Frequently Asked Questions

How is Notice Planet different to Facebook?

Facebook is a place where users can post anything they like – usually about themselves. It allows users to share their thoughts, feelings and links with their friends that are also on Facebook.

Notice Planet does not intend to compete with Facebook.

Notice Planet is a place where users can post notices about important life events – usually about someone else. It allows users to share information about the people they love with everyone in the world. People don’t have to be registered with Notice Planet to read notices. Anyone can search Notice Planet to see any notice. Anyone can choose to follow special tags in Notice Planet so that they receive an email whenever that tag is used in a new post (more info on tags below).

The example I use most of all is that your Great Aunt probably isn’t a Facebook user. She would nonetheless like to be informed when something special happens in her family like a birth or death. She reads the local newspaper notices everyday to see what is happening in the world around her. However, you might live in a different state or country to your Great Aunt, so how is she going to hear about the birth of your first-born? Not through Facebook. If you post a birth notice on Notice Planet, all of your friends and family can see it. No matter where they live and how little you see them or talk to them.

Likewise, even if you are friends with a person on Facebook, it can be really hard to find old posts from years or even weeks ago. If a person is researching family history, it would be much easier to use Notice Planet than any website in existence.

Notice Planet is in direct competition with the notice section of your newspaper.

Why do I have to register to post a notice?

For security reasons, Notice Planet needs a means to ban users that post content that is illegal, false or inappropriate. This is the only reason you must register to post.

All we ask for is a name and an email address. It is not a difficult or invasive process.

I tried to add a photo to a post and it didn’t work. Help!

Before you post, check that any photos you want to add are .jpg in type. Also check that they are not too big (no bigger than 1500 x 1500 pixels). The picture should also be no bigger than 1Mb in size. You can do this by right-clicking on the picture and seeing it’s properties.

When you add the picture, it will be inserted into your notice at the place where the cursor is (just like in Word). You can add multiple pictures to a notice.

Notice Planet has not been tested on all devices so you may still have trouble. If all else fails, send us an email ( with the picture you want inserted into the notice and we can do that for you. Hopefully you don’t have too many problems though :-)

What is a tag and why would I tag a notice?

Tags help users follow a particular type of notices (like your aforementioned Great Aunt). For instance, if you tag a notice with the surname of the person the notice is about (Smith) and your Great Aunt has previously requested to follow the tag “Smith”, she will receive an email within 10 minutes of you posting that notice with a link to your new post.

If you want followers to be notified, it’s a good idea to put as many tags on a notice as you can. Surname, Maiden Name etc… Separate each tag with a comma and a space (ie. Smith, Jones, Basketball). You don’t need to use #

If you don’t want to use tags you don’t have to. The field is not mandatory.

How do I access the menu on mobile devices?

Touch the menu button (3 horizontal bars) in the top right hand corner of your screen.