Happy Birthday Sammy D

The ying to my yang; the Barney Gumble to my Homer Simpson; the Brock Lesner to my Roman Reigns; the Bob Marley to my Wayne Simmons, Sam Morgan is one of my oldest and dearest friends.

The only non-Lithuanian I’ve ever punched (Buffalo Soldier 01/01/01), we cleared up our differences as always over a carton of cheap beer.

Memories of the Charnwood St days still fill me with much laughter and joy.

The same man who fell out of trees, locked himself in toilets, ripped Coxy’s car seats whilst looking for a sock and drank EB and goon is now a successful businessman and lover of fine food and wine.

We argued constantly about politics and music but enjoyed every moment of it.

I’m extremely grateful to the universe that I can call you friend. I hope you have a fantastic day.

Happy Birthday, Sambo!

June Pisarskis’ 66th Birthday

Happy birthday Mum! Getting in slightly early but want you to see this when you wake up. You’re the smartest, most caring person I know. A great mother and grandmother, it’s been fantastic to see you over in Perth again recently. Both Millie and I have enjoyed seeing you and Dad and can’t wait to see you shortly in Tassie.

Have a great day! You deserve all the love and attention!

Lots of Love,

Mark and Millie