Thomas Henry Beard


b. 18/10/2008 d. 27/02/2016 

Our boy, our beautiful boy. We held you for so long in our arms. We were there for you every step of the way. And you will always be by our side. 

Rest now Tommy. 

All our love, Mum, Dad and Jack.

Mass of Christian Burial for Thomas will be celebrated at the Sacred Heart Catholic Church, Alexandra Rd, Ulverstone at 2pm on Friday, March 4, 2016, after which the interment will take place at the Central Coast Lawn Cemetery. Relatives and friends are respectfully invited to attend. 

In lieu of flowers donations may be made at the service to the Children’s Ward at the North West Regional Hospital.


Millie scores 10 out of 10!


Happy 10th Birthday to the most honest, beautiful, caring, fun-loving, intelligent and resilient cheeky-bum porpoise that a father could ever hope for. Millie turns the big 1-0 today!

I am so proud of the young lady you are. You’re ability to have fun and enjoy life at every moment is amazing and one that will ensure you are a success at whatever you attempt in life.


Over the past ten years we’ve had a million adventures together and I know we’ll have a million more. You’re sense of humour, curiosity and daring spirit make sure that life is full of excitement and joy.

Here’s a plug for your Princess Luna YouTube Channel. I know getting 50 subscribers this year was a highlight for you. Hopefully you get many more.

I hope you have a great day, sweetie! I love you with everything I’ve got and always will.

Happiest Birthday Ever!!!



Almost 40!


Nobody really knows for sure how Steve Pisarskis has stayed alive for 39 years. It’s certainly a miracle! 

My older brother (yes he is the older one) has always been there for me. Despite me doing all sorts of horrible things to him that probably shouldn’t be recorded anywhere, Steve has always looked after his little brother. He’s probably saved my life just as many times as he’s endangered it… fun times all round! 

Steve would hate anyone to know but he’s actually one of the most caring and trustworthy people going round. He keeps his cards close to his chest but if anyone would take a bullet for a loved one it is Steve. 

Happy birthday ya big galoot!

Mark and Millie

Happy Birthday Kathy!


My amazing sister, Kathy Beard turns 42 today!    

Easily the biggest inspiration in my life, Kathy has always been my cool older sister that has led the way for her brothers. She is a loving wife, daughter, sister, aunt and mother who always gives all she can for the people she loves.  

Although we live on opposite sides of Australia, she never hesitates to help me whenever I need a hand and a visit to or from her is always the highlight of my year.  

Nobody I know deserves more love and good vibes ever, especially on her birthday.  

Jack and Tom are so lucky to have her as a Mum! Kathy really is so good with them. It restores my faith in all that is good to see her in action.  

Hope you have a great day today! See you tomorrow!  

Happiest of birthdays to you! 

Lots of love, 

Mark and Millie xoxo


A Memorial for Peder Christian Jensen Dalgaard

Peder Christian Jensen Dalgaard passed away on 20th September 1865 in Ringkobing, Denmark. He was one day short of being 78 years old having been born on 21st September 1787 in Lomborg, Ringkobing, Denmark. Peder was my great great great Grandfather.

He had been a teacher, working until the year he died. He was also a cantor in the church.

On 15th November 1811 Peder married a 34 year old widow Zidsel Larsdatter in Ramme, Ringkobing. Their son Jens was born in September 1812 and unfortunately Zidsel died about 2 weeks later, possibly due to birth complications.

Just over three years later Peder married 21 year old Maren Petersdatter Kastberg on 12th January 1816 in Heldum, Ringkobing. Maren was the adoptive daughter of farm owner Peder Kastberg. Her mother Mariane had been Peder Kastberg’s housekeeper.

Between them Peder Dalgaard and Maren had nine children, including my great great grandfather Peder Kastberg Dalgaard.

At some time in his life Peder Christian Jensen Dalgaard was awarded the Dannebrogsmand (D.M.) or Medal of the Knight’s Cross of the Order of Dannebrog. This was not quite as prestigious as the Knight of Dannebrog later bestowed on his son Peder, but was still a very high honour.

May he rest in peace.

June Pisarskis’ 66th Birthday

Happy birthday Mum! Getting in slightly early but want you to see this when you wake up. You’re the smartest, most caring person I know. A great mother and grandmother, it’s been fantastic to see you over in Perth again recently. Both Millie and I have enjoyed seeing you and Dad and can’t wait to see you shortly in Tassie.

Have a great day! You deserve all the love and attention!

Lots of Love,

Mark and Millie

Arvy and June Pisarskis

Arvy Pisarskis and June Haagensen were married on 7th January 1972. Over 40+ years of loving marriage they have provided a loving home for their children and grandchildren. Now living in Tasmania, Australia,their relationship continues to be an inspiration to all who know them.

Thanks for being great parents and role models.
Lots of Love,